Wax Melt Subscription Box
Wax Melt Subscription Box
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Wax Melt Subscription Box

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Want to get exclusive wax melts mailed to your door for a special discount each month? Sign up for our subscription box! Receive 2, 4, or all 8 mystery wax melts every month. Choose between our classic seasonal and straight foodie scent boxes! This item ships FREE! Subscription boxes will also receive exclusive scents only available to our subscribers. Occasionally we will add subscriber scents to the main collection based on demand after the exclusive period has expired. Join today to be in our scent of the month club!

DIAMOND SUBSCRIBER: 4 scents from BOTH boxes every month 

GOLD SUBSCRIBER: 4 scents every month

SILVER SUBSCRIBER: 2 scents every month or 4 scents every other month

BRONZE SUBSCRIBER: 2 scents every month


March 2024

Seasonal: "St. Patrick's Day”

IRISH BREAKFAST TEA (Black tea and vanilla with a slight smoky finish)

POT O' GOLD (Luxurious saffron flowers)

CELTIC CITRUS FUSION (Citron and green leaves)

FAIRY FOREST (Woodsy oak and amber)


WILD BERRY CHEESECAKE (Creamy cheesecake with sweet and tart berry swirl)

MOCHA LATTE (Rich espresso, steamed milk, and creamy chocolate)

GREEN APPLE TART (Tangy Granny Smith apples with vanilla ice cream)

IRISH SODA BREAD (Hot buttery bread with caraway seeds)


Subscription boxes renew on the 3rd of the month, and ship the first week of the month. We want you to enjoy these scents all month long! For your first order, you may opt to receive the current month's box, regardless of the date of your order. Future months will renew on the 3rd of the month. We are a small, family-run business and will communicate with anyone who subscribes after the 15th of the month to determine when you would like your subscription to start. 

About Our Coconut Wax & Beeswax Wax Melts: Our natural wax melts only use the highest quality ingredients. We start with a blend of pure coconut wax & beeswax, and use the highest quality fragrance oils on the market that are 100% phthalate free, paraben free, and skin safe. Our products are much cleaner and higher quality than typical store bought brands. We are strictly paraffin and soy free. Our wax melts are safe for kids, pets, pregnant women, and those with other sensitivities. 

Scent Strength: We pride ourselves on having the "one cube wonder" - amazing room filling fragrance from just one cube on our tealight warmers. Each cube lasts roughly 8-10 hours (sometimes longer depending on the type of warmer you are using!).  However, scent sensitivity ranges greatly from person to person and scent to scent. We load our melts with the highest percent of oil possible, because we want your wax melts to have the longest lasting, strongest fragrance possible! The size of each cube is also a great way to determine how much scent you would like to produce. We recommend 1 cube in tealight warmers and 2 cubes at a time in our electric warmers. We have one of the highest strength and long lasting products on the market and give you much more bang for your buck than other wax melt brands and any candle. 

Melting 101: We recommend starting with our tealight and electric warmers, depending on your needs. Our wax warmers were specifically chosen to produce the most amount of fragrance because of their design. Tealight wax warmers get hotter than electric wax warmers, and produce the most amount of fragrance quickly. However, this can also mean that the fragrance is heated off more quickly than electric. But with tealight warmers only needing 1 cube at a time, they still go a long way. Our electric wax warmers may be a better fit for those who want to turn it on and walk away without worrying about changing out tea light candles. These use more product and the scents typically last longer, but require 2 cubes to produce the room filling fragrance you are looking for. We only sell electric wax warmers with hot plate dishes because they produce the most even and warm wax melting experience. We do not recommend using any kind of bulb wax warmers, which are typically (not always but most of the time) designed for aesthetic rather than function. They can produce much less heat and therefore much less scent. If you are new to wax melting or are unhappy with your current warmer, we strongly recommend our tested, tried and true wax warmer selection. 

Wax Melt Remix: We love when our customers mix melt scents! It is highly recommended for unique experiences.   

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